Collaboration between ISODS and ACTEX on Professional Exams for Data Science and AI Professionals Featured

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The International Society of Data Scientists has been taking the first step in standardizing the foundations for Data Science and AI professions. We started working with ACTEX on preparing Data Science study materials for Data Science professional exams. The Professional Exam Committee was established to advise related activities.

The International Society of Data Scientists has been putting efforts in helping Data Science & AI professionals by setting the foundations in regard to the building blocks of the field. We recently took the next step in collaborating with ACTEX toward study materials. Since 1972, ACTEX has been publishing study materials to prepare students (at university and for independent professional study) for actuarial exams including topics including Probability, Statistics and, more recently, Predictive Analytics. The collaboration will help move the efforts at a faster pace toward the goal.

The Professional Exam Committee was formed that advises related activities, including:
Dr. Cuong (Christopher) Do (President at ISODS, MA, USA)
Dr. Trung Duong (Professor, Chair of Telecommunications, Queen's University, Belfast (QUB), UK)
Dr. Nguyet (Moon) Nguyen (Associate Professor at Youngstown State University, USA)
Dr. Kim Phuc Tran (Associate Professor, University of Lille, France)
Dr. Lan Vu (Associate Professor, Department Head and Chair at Hanoi University of Public Health, Vietnam)
Dr. Loan Nguyen (Associate Professor at International University, Vietnam)
Dr. Bao The Pham (Associate Professor at Saigon University, Vietnam)
Dr. Gia Nhu Nguyen (Associate Professor & Dean of School of Computer Science, Duy Tan University, Vietnam)
Dr. Hang Le (Vice Provost, Duy Tan University, Vietnam)
Dr. Duy Nguyen (Assistant Professor, Marist College, New York, USA)
Dr. Son P Nguyen (Lecturer at University of Economics and Law, Vietnam)
Dr. Vinh Dang (Information Technology Faculty, Industrial University of HCM City, Vietnam

Currently Hanoi University of Public Health, Duy Tan University, and Saigon University are designated as exam locations in their regions in Vietnam. Online exams are supported by ISODS and ACTEX.

There are three designations offered by the ISODS as follows:
Associate Master (CM): P, STAT, LA, CAL, PRG, DM, DSA, PA
Fellow Master (FM): ML, BDA, TS (conditional on passing all CM exams)
Grandmaster (GM): DL1, DL2, RL (conditional on passing all CM and FM exams)

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